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Ponte Porton, also known as Most na Mirni (Bridge over the Mirna river), is situated in the municipality of Grožnjan, at the intersection of the roads to Buje, Novigrad, Poreč and Buzet. Throughout history, this has always been a meeting place. The bridge existed as early as in the period of ancient Rome, when Flavian road crossed over the river, while in the Middle Ages and the early modern period Ponte Porton was the end port to which larger ships sailed across the Mirna river. Today, Ponte Porton is a place where you can meet your loved one or friends, in the heart of nature. It is the perfect retreat from which to explore the surrounding trails ideal for active holidaying, whether hiking or cycling, and to taste the fruits of the Istrian land.

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Meet your favourite Istrian winemaker

You simply cannot leave Istria without visiting at least one family winery and tasting the famous Istrian Malvasia and Teran! Fortunately, there are plenty of them nearby. Our recommendations: Kozlović winery in Momjan, Roxanich, Tomaz, Benvenuti and Fakin wineries in Motovun, Dešković and Zigante wineries in Kostanjica, Deklić and Franc Arman wineries in Vižinada and a whole host of winemakers we can talk about for days.

Cycling, trekking, climbing, trail running

The surroundings of Ponte Porton are dotted with marked trails winding across the hills and the Mirna river valley. You’ll see beautiful views, visit stone villages and towns, prominent winemakers, olive growers and family farm restaurants along the way. Ponte Porton offers a myriad of opportunities for an active vacation for you and a safe storage room for your bike. There is also a free climbing area nearby. Our recommendations: the epic Parenzana bike trail, which used to be a railway line, ‘Three Istrian Musketeers’ (43 km), and ‘Istrian Hills Trail’ (28 km) MTB trails, the ‘Untouched nature of the Mirna river valley and Brtonigla – wine town’ (31 km) bike trail, free climbing area near B&B Ponte Porton. Download Northwestern Istria Bike Guide

Explore fairytale places and medieval towns

In the wonderful inland Istria, you’ll feel like in a dream. Explore the artistic life of the nearby town of Grožnjan, the beautiful Motovun town rising above the Mirna river, the sleepy village of Završje or the picturesque Oprtalj. Take a walk through history, visit local artisans, artists and family farms. Our recommendations: Grožnjan galleries, ‘Motovun: History on the move’ interactive exhibition in the Motovun castle, view from the Venetian loggia in Oprtalj, Sopot waterfall near Buzet.

Get ready for a gourmet adventure

Set off for the hidden treasure hunt in the Motovun forest on the popular truffle-hunting trip. Visit the award-winning local olive growers and take home golden drops of the Istrian olive oil. Enjoy local food in our restaurant. Fall in love with Istrian land! Our recommendations: truffle hunting, guided olive oil tasting in Oleoteka B10, homemade cheese, prosciutto and sausages in our restaurant.

Adventures on and off the Mirna river

Mirna is a true beauty that offers numerous pleasures to nature lovers throughout its course. You can explore it on foot, by bike or in a kayak. Mirna’s waterfalls are especially fast at its source in the village of Kotli, and its calmness is almost palpable under Motovun. Cyclists, hikers, bikers, recreationists and adventurers, you are always welcome here. Our recommendations: ‘Seven Waterfalls’ hiking trail, cycling trail across the Mirna river valley, kayaking, bird watching at the mouth of the river and in Tarska vala, paragliding.